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Institute BCN DNA Liquid

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Anti-Aging Solution moisturizes, heals scars, improves skin appearance, and offers antioxidant benefits.


Presentation:  Box of 10 Ampoules | Each Ampoule 2ml | Mesotherapy Serum



Institute BCN DNA Liquid

DNA Liquid 10 x 2ml ampoules

DNA Liquid and X-DNA Gel Anti-Ageing Solution embody the pinnacle of natural polymer technology, showcasing unparalleled antioxidant and moisturizing properties that shield cellular membranes from oxidative harm. This solution’s remarkable ability to rejuvenate dead cells and mend connective tissues accelerates healing, making it a formidable ally against collagen degradation triggered by sun exposure, oxidative stress, and smoking. Ideal for anti-aging treatments aimed at combating photoaging, X-DNA Gel is particularly beneficial for smokers’ skin, offering relief from dryness, wrinkles, stretch marks, and even hair loss.

Specific benefits:

DNA, the essence of life found in every living cell’s nucleus, holds the key to our genetic blueprint. Its healing prowess is directly linked to its chain length; longer chains mean higher polymerization, enhancing the gel’s activity and its ability to penetrate tissues effectively.

Notably, DNA has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to revive cells that have succumbed to necrosis, promoting the repair of connective tissue and encouraging the body’s natural scarring processes. X-DNA can similarly revive dead cells, fostering the growth of new connective tissue and aiding in the healing process.

From a histological perspective, DNA reverses protein (notably collagen), blood cell, and immune structure degradation, and heals damage caused by ischemic events. Its ability to counteract collagen damage due to sunlight, oxidative stress, and tobacco use, amplified by its synergistic interaction with vitamin E, places X-DNA Gel at the forefront of anti-aging skincare solutions.


Composition:  Aqua/Water, Sodium Chloride, Sodium DNA.

Function:  Anti-Aging Solution


Application: Transdermal application through virtual mesotherapy techniques such as electroporation, iontophoresis, microneedling, and derma roller. Traditional mesotherapy practices are governed by the laws of each country and should only be performed by individuals trained and certified in mesotherapy.

Exclusively for professionals only. Our mesotherapy products are sterile, high quality, and free from preservatives, additives, and perfume. We distribute Institute BCN mesotherapy serums to medical spas, doctors, and beauty clinics.



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Institute BCN DNA Liquid
Original price was: $50.00.Current price is: $31.00.
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