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    Mesotherapy Gun





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  Mesotherapy Gun Information:

Product Description

Mesotherapy Gun

2015 Most Popular Beauty Machine

Multi Needle Delivery System (1pin, 3pin, 4pin, 5pin, 9pin)
Vacuum feature avoid dosage waste
Backflow Block Structure designed for preventing backflow of drug or blood.
4.3 Inch Intelligent LED Screen
Support 6 Languages
Support Different Voltages

Specialized device to inject mesotherapy and hyaluronic acid products, allowing active ingredients directly enter the dermis .

For professional and experienced training in mesotherapy only.

A non-invasive treatment that create a long lasting result.

From cellulite treatment, mesolift treatment, mesoglow treatment, stretch mark treatment, hyaluronic acid treatment, lipolysis injection treatment to customized treatment for each customer to achieve personalized aesthetic results.

This machine is very popular across Asia, it have been rated #1 Popular Beauty Machine in Asia

Our mesotherapy gun incorporate the function of vacuum, when operating the injection, skin will be suck to the injection head, needles will then be push into skin and inject by the set depth and dosage level, the needles will return automatically, utilizing the injection substance into the embryo skin layer, therefore it improve injection utilization and reduce waste.

Mesotherapy Gun Vacuum Lifting Mesotherapy Gun Needle Access
Vacuum System Lifting Facial Layer Needles Insert to Dermis
Mesotherapy Gun Injecting Dose Needles Return and Vacuum Release
Injecting Dosage Needles Return and Vacuum Release
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